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Friday, July 22, 2011


Salt being a staple commodity in our everyday life have actually a whole lot more benefits and functions other than adding flavor in our food, as a preservative or as a means of antiseptic.

Here are some of the trivia on salt that I bet you didn’t know,
  • Relieves stress with its anti-depressant properties
  • Helps to lower blood pressure to those of a more normal range
  • Extracts excess harmful acidity from the insides of your cells
  • Regulates sleeps with its natural hypnotic and relaxant properties

Why am I talking so much about salt?

It is because for today, I will be introducing to you the benefits of sea salt.

Invading Singapore by the storm, sea salt is widely recognized for it rich source of minerals and it’s highly effective detoxification and exfoliation properties.


For a more holistic approach towards our well being, today I will be introducing Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub.

Heartfelt thanks to Joey of Kanga Organics for giving me this fantastic opportunity to personally experience the wide benefits for my body with the constant usage of sea salt.


Have not heard about Kanga Organics and Ola Hawaii, fear not as here’s some trivia about them,

More information about Kanga organics:
  • A Singapore based company founded by Joey Lam
  • Imports only organic certified products
  • Specialized in the importing of organic skin care, body care, hair care, baby friendly products and eco-friendly accessories
  • Brands under them includes: Ola Hawaii, Skin Blossom, Sanctum and Nature Bag
  • The ingredient list of the all the products are strictly check against the regulations set by Singapore Health and Science Authority before importing in for sale in Singapore

More information about Ola Hawaii:
  • Founded in 2005
  • Specialized in skin care and body care products
  • Focuses on high end luxury spa line for the attainment of better body wellness
  • Uses fresh, pure and organic ingredients that is unique to Hawaii to support local organic farming
  • No parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic solvents
  • Cruelty free


Getting back to Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub,

I love that fact that I was immediately greeted by an warm, uplifting oceanic scent once I unscrew the top of the tub.

The ingredient list for those who are interested.

More information about it:
  • Priced @ $39.90 for a 349g tub
  • Strictly only for usage on the body, please avoid the face, eyes, wounds and cuts
  • Rich in Hawaiian sea salt, deep sea mineral and organic lehua honey for deep exfoliation, detoxification, soothing of inflamed skin and the achievement for a softer complexion
  • Inclusion of macadamia nut, kukui nut oil, virgin coconut butter and avocado oil for intense hydration to promote suppler skin
  • Formulated with Hawaiian spirulina and sea weeds to tone, soothe, re-mineralize and rejuvenates lifeless looking skin
  • Screw top plastic tub packing
  • Aromatic scent that infuses the unique blend of green tea, fresh lemon, ylang, lemon grass, bitter orange, sweet grass and plumeria


The unique ingredients used to formulate the Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub,

Hawaiian sea salt: Purifies, cleanses, detoxifies and works excellent as an exfoliant

Noni: Boosts body’s immune system with its rich antioxidant properties and aids in the healing and maintenance of healthy looking skin

Aloe vera: Effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria properties, rich in minerals like amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins and humectants to stimulate cellular renewal process

Olen (Turmeric): Natural anti-fungal and anti-bacteria that purifies, detoxifies and nourishes the skin for a softer and enviable complexion

Lehua honey: Regenerates, soothes, cleanses, softens and heals the skin for a healthier well being

Kukui nut oil: Contains Vitamin A, C and E for enhancement of the skin’s immune system

Coconut butter and oil: Protects and softens the skin with deep moisturizing properties

Hawaiian sea weed: Deeply hydrates, nourish, smoothen and soften to remedy existing skin problems


Recommended application method: During your shower, pick up appropriate amount and gently massage in circular motions for the optimum removal of dead skin cells. Thereafter, rinse with lukewarm water.

What I love about it:
  • Easy to use and rinse
  • Gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating salt crystals
  • Rejuvenation of one’s senses with the heavenly mix of floral, citrus and oceanic scent, it feels as though I am on a spa getaway to Hawaii
  • Extremely soft, smooth and clean skin
  • Leaves a sheer glossy layer that helps locks in moisture for supple looking skin
  • Instant brightening of dull skin complexion
  • Aid in the removal of unsightly flaking dead skin
  • No rash or allergic reactions


Ultimately how I feel about the Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub after usage,

I totally enjoyed my entire experience with the fabulous relaxing scent that instantly perk me up after a tired day and the attainment of soft and smooth skin that’s like a baby’s.

After usage, my skin feels extremely clean with a healthy looking glow to it.

There is also no need to apply another layer of moisturizer after usage as the Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub helps creates a protective layer on the skin to keep it happily moisturized.

The Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub is really gentle on my skin and not the mentioned that the generous amount of salt crystals in the tub is just such an indulgence.

It feels as though I just went for a luxurious and expensive spa package but the truth is that I just only paid a faction of the price to get the same indulgence.

The best part of all is that Ola Hawaii is environmentally friendly thus it feels as though I have just done a little effort in making the earth a little less polluted than it already is with just the replacement of my usual scrub to the Ola Hawaii Ocean Essence Pacific Sea Salt Scrub.

Well I guess its killing 2 birds with 1 stone as it does a really fabulous job in exfoliating my skin as well.

I personally find that it is a value for money purchase and I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and readers.


To end things, I have fabulous news to share with you all, QUOTE: ‘Sweet Sugar Caramel’ in the remarks column upon checkout to get 10% off your purchase of their house brand products (Ola Hawaii is one of them) at Kanga Organics’ website.

So what are you girls still waiting for, head to their website today to indulge in some Hawaiian sea salt goodness @ Kanga Organics S'pore Website

For more information, discounts and promotions, do join their FB page @ Kanga Organics S'pore FB Page

Till next time ^_^

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